Attracting Subscribers to Gators for a Sustainable Campus

It’s more rewarding to blog when you know people are actually reading, which is one reason why I made it a point to think of a way to get people to subscribe to the Gators for a Sustainable Campus (GSC) website.

What we did was send a message out to our 500+ member Facebook group asking people to subscribe by email and be entered into a drawing for prizes. In a matter of days, we went from 9 email subscribers to 120, and all we had to do was give away a t-shirt, a GSC reusable water bottle and a couple of cards redeemable for Krishna Lunch on UF campus.

If you are part of an organization and you want to get people to pay attention to your website, set up a Feedburner account and try running this type of contest. It’s fun.

By the way, I used The Hat to randomly select email addresses. It’s less wasteful (and less tedious) than using paper.