Getting Your Sh*t Together, Chasing Your Dubious Dream

You have to start somewhere and that somewhere is right here.

You have to start sometime and that sometime is right now.

You have to start admitting that you don’t deserve shit. You want something? Sweat. Struggle. Sacrifice.

You have to make a sacrifice. Something’s got to give.


Consume less. Produce more. It doesn’t matter what you are creating as long as you’re creating. Make it your goal to be prolific. You’ll start to see the light.

Stop wanting to be wanted. No one else can fill your void. Stop looking to be chosen. Start choosing yourself.

Stop eating sugar. Start eating breakfast.

Cool it on the alcohol. You’re wallowing. You’re drinking when you can’t afford it and it’s making you want to drink more. It’s setting you farther apart from your dream.

Get rid of stuff. You’re drowning in stuff.

Stop working toward being happy. Just be happy.

Be grateful. You may not have what you want yet, but you’re breathing aren’t you? You’re alive, aren’t you?