Sustainable Alachua County: A Web Work in Progress

Update: I worked on the SAC website as part of an internship in 2009. I have since moved on from the project and the site is no longer live.

It’s been a while since I last wrote about my internship with Sustainable Alachua County (SAC). Back in March of 2009, I started to build a social network for SAC using BuddyPress, a powerful suite of plugins for the WordPress MU platform.

But I put the BuddyPress project on hold when my colleague John Casey and I got ambitious and aspired to build a mega-site for SAC using Drupal, another open source content management system. After some time of tedious tweaking, we decided to revert back to the WordPress-based system.

I’ve now got a rough draft of the new Sustainable Alachua County website that I built using BuddyPress, and I recorded a screencast preview of how it works for the SAC board members. I’m still waiting on the SAC board members to get some feedback on the site, but I’m hoping we’ll stick with the general idea that John and I have proposed.

Update: Watch a video tour of the SAC social network below: