Sustainable Alachua County Web Hub: Improvements Coming Soon

Update (July 2011): I worked on the SAC website as part of an internship in 2009. I have since moved on from the project and the site is no longer live.

I began building the Sustainable Alachua County website back in February 2009. The BETA web hub is now up and I have been excited to see it grow into a small but thriving community of 63 members and 27 groups.

Unfortunately, I have been kept very busy by 18 credits, two student organizations (Gators for a Sustainable Campus and enVeg), my iPhone website, and preparation for my upcoming graduation on December 19 (also my birthday!). I plan to spend more time on it this spring.

The opportunity began as an internship for Les Thiele’s Sustainability in Action course at the University of Florida, and nearly a year later I remain interested in and committed to this project. I think this web hub has a lot of potential and I am grateful for the opportunity and the helpful and encouraging people who make up SAC’s board.

I am thankful that people have been using the site. It says a lot about the energy and commitment of the people in this town. Gainesville is a model for sustainability in the state of Florida, and I believe its influence will become increasingly important as northern Florida continues to develop.